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    This things is a great idea!! They are bullet proof, can withstand an EF5 Tornado and 9.5 Earthquake!

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    That’s a great idea if they can’t get their act together then make a true “safe place” for the kids – I hope they learn to lock class room doors as well.

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    They’ll be used more times as tornado shelters than active shooters.

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    I think that is stupid.

    That makes the case for ‘the new normal’

    The new normal is acceptance of the mentally disturbed, evil, wicked people as ordinary. Instead of dealing with the evil , wicked they are accepting the consequences.

    The head doctors that do not take these people off the streets should be held responsible as much as the mentally ill.

    The common denominator in all the mass shootings is a mental problem person, and they had warning signs.

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